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man running testimonial"After a five month break from exercise, Orren approached me regarding what I wanted to achieve from returning to the gym.  We discussed my goals, which included toning up and running a 10km run in under an hour.  10 months later we achieved these goals, through improved diet, understanding my body and enjoyable training sessions to keep me motivated.  I have now run three 10km races with a personal best of 48mins.  This year we are focussing on my new challenge, running and completing a marathon.

Orren has looked at my lifestyle and helped shape my 18 week training programme to ensure that I eat, exercise and rest properly whilst keeping me motivated as the training becomes more intensive.  Each week we focus on complementary exercises in parallel to the running which has involved legs and core training, strength and conditioning, studio work, resistance training as well as improving my cardio and stretching.
12 months ago I had never  run  5km, and now I’ve entered a marathon!  Orren has reignited my passion for exercise and is helping me achieving my goals."

Graeme Moore - Architect



Benifits of Stay Trim:

• Keep you keen and motivated
• Fun-packed training sessions
• Understand principles of fitness and nutrition
• Training times to suit you

Stay Trim specialize in:

• General Fitness
• Weight loss
• Definition and Toning
• Rehabilitation
• Strength and Power Training
• Flexibility and Stretching


Suitable for all ages & fitness Levels